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SICONS The Pet Safari is a one stop destination for all the Pet’s needs. What started in a small room of Karol Bagh in 1998 is now one of the best Pet store in NCR region. We started it as modest business but now completely transformed into a passion to provide the quality selection of your pet’s everyday needs. 

SICONS deals in more than 50 brands, covering over 10,000 pet related products and provides the best grooming services for your Dog. We were the first to introduce grooming services for Dogs in NCR.


Our Pet Store grew out of our love for all animals.


We understand the special bond between pets and their owners, and we want to encourage that kind of love in everyone. Pet ownership is a rewarding responsibility, and with this in mind we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us is well-educated and understands the obligations required to keep a happy and healthy pet. As a result of our hard work, our customers tell us how happy they have been since having a pet in their lives. 

Slowly the pet industry is showing an upward trend in urban areas of India wherein many deceivers has also entered this industry. In such a scenario, there is a need for someone to provide the genuine products and the right advice. This is what we believe in, providing complete customer satisfaction, offering the expert advice and treatment of Pets by trained Veterinarian.


Here you can come to pick a Pet of your choice- Dogs, Cats, Rats, Fishes, Birds, Rabbit, Hamsters


Visit us today and see how truly happy having a pet will be for you.


SICONS The Pet Safari Owned and Managed By: Mr. Mahinder Chawla and Mr. Nitin Chawla.


Our Approach


We are in business of helping pets live healthier lives. Mission Statement At Sicons,The pet safari, our mission is to help pets live healthier lives. To achiev this we are focused on building a modern, adaptable, innovative, and exclusive pet care centre.


  • Do you want your Dog to participate in Dog show.
  • Do you want your pet to wear most fashionable clothes in all seasons.
  • Do you want your pet to flaunt most trendy jewelery
  • Do you want to feed your pet with nutrious diet.
  • Do you want your dog to be trained for all activities.
  • Does your dog neet a tick bath or a trendy hair cut. Sicons, pet safari is one stop shop for all you pet requirement.


Few words about us


A pioneer of the pet accessory and food retailing in New Delhi, India, dedicated to pet lovers of all kinds under one roof. The Pet Store grew rapidly since 1998. In addition to more than 8 fold increase in business turnover, the quality and variety of the services offered has been enhanced. Long years of dedicated service have helped Sicons won the hearts of many customers. Everything we do is motivated by and springs from this position of trust and accountability. We work to bring greater quality, affordability, access and simplicity – ensuring pet lovers that the pets we serve get quality care at competitive prices. 


The Pet safari caries more than 50 brands, covering over 10,000 pet related products including pet food, accessories, and medication. It is an ultimate shopping experience for pet lovers with spacious environment and widest choice of products and excellent services. In addition to this, Sicons, The pet safari offers a complete selection of “pick a pet” under different sections, namely dogs, fishes, cats, rabbits and birds.



Sicons is well known for:


Its comprehensive range of quality merchandise, including pet food and pet accessories

Its prompt and warm service

Its knowledgeable staff, who provide professional advice of pet care in addition to the retail service

Being the largest pet store retailer in India, we are growing rapidly. As an entrenched market leader of the pet industry, Sicons, The Pet Safari, is fully air-conditioned, and puts under one roof some of the best retailers of live pets, veterinarian and other service providers.


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